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Android P preview released

Android P preview released

Android P has been recently reported to arrive sometime in the middle of March, and it will come with several new features for Android users.

Android P will be supported on Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, and Android Emulator.

While Developer Preview 1 of Android P will arrive in March, Google will share more details about Android P at their annual I/O conference in May.

Developer Preview 2 will be released in May, Developer Previews 3 and 4 will be released in June, and Developer Preview 5 will be released after July.

For the first half of the rollout, Google will work on making apps compatible with the OS, and in the second half, they will work on adopting features and targeting the new platform.

Since Developer Preview 1 for Android P is not yet a part of the Android Beta Program, users will have to manually flash system images on their devices.

Google is providing users with system image links and has given them extensive instructions on how to flash the images onto their devices. It is recommended that users create a backup beforehand, since installing an image like this will wipe out data from the device.

There are many new features coming with the Android P. Google is bringing enhancements to ART (Android Runtime), which will now have an expanded use of execution profiles.

These profiles will allow developers to reduce wastage of app code and optimize their apps. Notifications will also be receiving an upgrade on Android P.

For example, users will be able to view things like photos and stickers directly from the notification bars, and users will be able to save replies as drafts whenever they close out of an app.

Android P will also be upgrading security, since it will prevent inactive apps from accessing the microphone and the camera.

This will rest people’s fears that social media apps might be spying on their users while they are on in the background. Overall, Android P is bringing many much-needed updates to Android devices, and it is a welcome upgrade for all Android users.

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