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Amritsar woman becomes crorepati overnight

Amritsar woman becomes crorepati overnight

Sometimes, life truly gives miracles. It is rare but when it happens, it is a shock to not just the receiver of the miracle but also those around them. Here is one such case which is now known all over India by many.

A simple housewife who became a crorepati overnight is the protagonist of this story. Her story started like that of many other housewives. To test her luck, she bought a lottery ticket with just ₹100. As many can guess where the story is going, it turns out that she got the winning lottery ticket.

This housewife from Amritsar was announced as the lucky winner in a statement from the state government. Her name is Renu Chauhan, and on Thursday her life has completely turned around. She has won ₹1 crore as the lottery prize.

Renu Chauhan, who won the lottery, considers this a godsend amount. She called it a blessing as it is a huge relief to her middle-class family.

Renu’s husband runs a cloth shop in Amritsar. She talked about how monthly finances are tough for her. She says that the extra money will help their life run smoothly.

The official statement was made by the Punjab State Lotteries Department.

The winning ticket number D-12228 was announced in an official statement by the department. The ticket belonged to Chauhan, of course.

Renu has already submitted the necessary documents to the lottery department. All the formalities are done, and she will soon receive the ₹1 crore sum. The money will soon be transferred to her account, and hopefully, it can help their family in every way they need.

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