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Zadd Bikes – Smart Electronic bikes

Zadd Bikes – Smart Electronic bikes

Electronic bikes are a new trend. They are environment-friendly and require minimal maintenance cost. Hence, many people show interest in buying them.

Zadd Automotive, a Chandigarh based e-bike manufacturing startup is designing Zadd Bikes. This startup was founded by Shubham Goyal and Aniket Bhardwaj.

Zadd bikes are available in two variants – Utility Mini and Zadd X1.

Utility Mini will be launched in April and Zadd X1 will be launched by the end of this year.

Utility Mini can carry up to 80 kgs (excluding the weight of the rider) and travel 120 km on a single charge of two hours.

While the single battery pack is available for ₹40,000, the dual battery pack is available for ₹50,000.

It has a dockable rear basket and pannier bags. The USP can be converted into smart bikes powered by IoT and AI.

Utility Mini runs on two removable batteries. These batteries can be charged in your home or office.

It has an adjustable handle for riders. Hence people who have different heights ranging between 4.5 ft and 7ft can use it.

So far, the company has received more than 200 pre-orders for this bike. Their other model, Zadd X1 will be launched by the end of this year. Orders will be taken for this bike at that time.

This bike is suitable for individuals who want to commute around the city.

The bikes have a monitoring app to check the position. Some of the apps are bike rental apps and delivery apps.

Zadd’s Utility Mini will be available for rent. The company is receiving orders from B2C bike rental companies.

The apps will send a report on the condition of the bike before and after every trip to help track the status of the bike and find the damages if any. This also helps improve the accountability of the customers.

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