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Virus Destroying Mask to fight COVID-19

Virus Destroying Mask to fight COVID-19

While the entire country is fighting against COVID-19, many young innovators are trying to develop novel solutions to it.

Digantika Bose, a class Xl student from West Bengal is one among them. She is a student of Vidyasagar Smriti Vidyamandir.

This 17-year-old girl developed a mask that destroys the virus. The National Innovation Foundation organized COVID-19 Competition and she participated in the Challenge.

She designed an ‘Air Providing and Virus Destroying Mask’ in seven days and submitted her design.

Digantika is very interested in science and technology. This made her develop this invention to fight against the pandemic.

As the schools have been closed due to the lockdown, she wanted to develop a solution to help others.

It took seven days for her to design the virus destroying mask. Digantika’s design was shortlisted in the competition. She is a patent holder of this design.

The mask has two parts. While the first part has two one-way valves, the second part has two reservoir-containers.

Dust and other harmful components in the air will get trapped in water particles and the lipid proteins of the virus will get destroyed. The reservoir-containers help breakdown the lipid proteins of the virus so that the virus will be destroyed completely in the exhaled air.

A one-way valve helps pass clean air to the lungs of a person while inhaling. Another one-way valve releases the air while exhaling.

Virus Destroying Mask to fight COVID-19

Virus Destroying Mask to fight COVID-19

The droplets of COVID-19 patients will not contain the virus if they use this mask. After realizing that everyone is wearing ordinary masks that do not prevent coronavirus, Digantika wanted to develop an effective solution.

Then she designed this mask. She received several state awards. Yet, she expresses her joy about the response from the Ministry of Science and Technology.

The Ministry took her permission to use her invention in the fight. She agreed to it happily.

Image Reference: Indiatimes

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