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Ubreathe’s Smart bio-filter purifies air

Ubreathe’s Smart bio-filter purifies air

Air pollution is one of the most leading causes of many diseases and premature deaths in the country. Shockingly, indoor air pollution is also significant. There are very few ways to bring new and inventive solutions to the market.

Several researchers are exploring ways due to which new and inventive solutions emerge in the market.

Ubreathe came up with an innovative solution for air pollution. It is a Delhi-based startup.

Sanjay Maurya, an IIT alumnus, is one of the founders of Ubreathe.

Sanjay invented a smart bio-filter flowerpot to purify the air and named it Ubreathe. It improves the air quality around you.

NASA identified that some plants eliminate toxic agents through their roots, but not their leaves. Plants absorb air from the atmosphere and direct to the bottom where the pollutants are purified. Thus, the plant generates pure oxygen. However, this natural process is slow.

Based on the concept, Ubreathe amplifies the natural properties of the plants to eliminate toxic agents through the roots. A single plant cannot filter all the harmful pollutants. Hence the flowerpot has multiple plants.

The startup integrated technology into their smart bio-filter to amplify the output of purified air.

Ubreathe consists of a plant, a smart flowerpot, and microbe-enriched soil.

The flowerpot needs electric power to work. It has an axial fan inside it. When plant absorbs the surrounding air, it is filtered by the bio-filtration method at the roots.

The axial fan creates a suction pressure inside the flowerpot and releases clean air. Thus, Ubreathe unit discharges purified air through an outlet.

The microbe-enriched soil helps faster air purification and more efficient break down of the pollutants.

Thus, Ubreatthe’s smart bio-filter amplifies the air purification process.

This smart bio-filter is currently sold only in Delhi-NCR. The team is working to transport the entire unit along with the plant to other regions across the country. Price of this bio-filter is ₹5,000.

Image Credit: Ubreathe

Image Reference: https://www.ubreathe.in/

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