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Tyron Footwear – Fashionable Tyre footwear

Tyron Footwear – Fashionable Tyre footwear

Recycling is today’s mantra. Many environment-conscious people explore ways to recycle various materials to utilize the resources effectively. Divya Sijwali and Parth Puri from Delhi are also environment-conscious. They are friends.

They wanted to explore ways to recycle and upcycle tyres. They launched Tyron, a footwear brand, one year ago. The startup offers comfortable footwear made of upcycled tyres. The footwear is suitable for daily use.

The teen duo visits dump yards to procure tyres at a minimal cost. They extract useful parts by removing wires and spikes and visit cobblers to get their required designer footwear.

Cobblers get a minimum salary of ₹1,000 per month in addition to the share, depending on the orders they have completed. Thus, they got paid during the lockdown also.

The reason for choosing tyres is that they pose a great threat when disposed of in dumping yard and burnt. They also damage marine biodiversity. Besides, they are cheap and sustainable.

Divya and Parth participated in many competitions and won some of them. They use the prize money earned in the competitions to expand their business.

The duo faced several challenges in the beginning. They launched their brand in April 2021. At that time, the second wave of the pandemic was severe in India. The lockdown affected their work. They are students. Besides, they didn’t have experience in doing business. Hence, it was difficult for them to manage it.

Time management was one of the toughest tasks. They had to balance their studies, other activities, and business operations, which was a big challenge. Hence, they set weekly targets for themselves to improve their business.

In addition to that, they divided responsibilities and worked as per that. Slowly, they overcame all these problems. Now, their business is running profitably. They shared part of the profits with cobblers associated with their startup. They invested the remaining amount into business.

Tyron’s footwear is priced in the range of ₹600 to ₹1,200. The startup has a website to sell its products. It ships footwear all over India. Besides, it ships bulk orders to the USA and South Africa.

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Image Reference: https://tyron.in/

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