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TRU-V – Low-cost disinfection bag to keep home coronavirus-free

TRU-V – Low-cost disinfection bag to keep home coronavirus-free

Due to COVID-19, wearing masks, sanitizing hands and disinfecting surroundings and objects have become the new norm.

The presence of novel coronavirus on the objects is still not completely known. Hence, disinfection of objects became mandatory to avoid the spread of the contagious virus.

In this context, Delhi-based TRU-V developed a low-cost disinfection bag to keep your homes and offices safe from COVID-19.

TRU-V UV bag helps you disinfect regular use items like masks, groceries, gloves, wallets, electronic gadgets, and many more.

This portable bag is lightweight and weighs approximately 700 grams. The bags are designed in such a way to clean objects completely from all sides when placed inside.

Aditya Jindal and Milind Bansia are friends. They pursued their graduation at Delhi College of Engineering.

They launched TRU-V when they found issues associated with disinfection and sanitation of daily use objects.

Milind says while the existing UV-based disinfection chambers are expensive and priced at around ₹10,000, their UV-based bag is available for just ₹2,309 including tax.

They offer three different bags in a range of less than ₹3,000. You can buy this bag on e-commerce portals like Amazon and Flipkart. It is also available at distributors.

The TRU-V UV bag can disinfect objects within 10 minutes. However, you cannot keep products containing liquids to avoid damage to the inner material.

The bag has a 3-level lining, the inner layer lining, the middle lining and the outer layer.

To increase UV reflexivity, the inner layer is made of specialised reflective non-woven lining. While the middle layer is made of polyethylene tougher foam material to provide stability and thermal insulation to the bag, the outer layer is made of high –grade PU-coated polyester to make it moisture resistant. A thick UV blocking transparent material is added on the exterior.

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