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Toilet Bed wins NIF Prize

Toilet Bed wins NIF Prize

Shah Jahan built Taj Mahal for her wife after her death to show his love.

This man showed his love for his wife by making a useful bed for her better survival.

Saravanamuthu hails from Thalavaipuram, Tamil Nadu. His wife Krishnammal was bedridden for three months after a surgery in 2014.

At that, she depended on her family for even simple tasks. She could not even go to the toilet. Her wife has never depended on any person in the past.

This situation made her depressed. Hence, she tried to control her toilet needs instead of asking other’s help. As a result, her health became worse.

Then, Saravanamuthu decided to design a bed with a toilet for his wife to save her from the embarrassment of soliciting the help of others.

Saravanamuthu is a welder. So, it was not difficult for him to design a bed. But, he worked hard for creating the bed in an innovative way.

The bed has a flush tank, a closet and a pipe joined to the septic tank. It has a remote control for the users to operate. It will help open and close the shutter.

This remote-controlled bed is equipped with a 12 V battery to operate two gear motors. These motors help move the attached toilet pot vertically and sideways.

A remote-controlled flushing system is being installed to be used by the user. He spent ₹35,000 to make his prototype.

Saravanamuthu’s innovation won him a cash prize of ₹2lakh in addition to the cash reimbursement for making the prototype and a certificate.

He started receiving orders for his innovative cot when a regional newspaper published about him. The first order was received in 2015 from a man for his mother.


Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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