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Tired of getting candy instead of change?

Tired of getting candy instead of change?

If you have the experience of buying something from local grocery stores or general stores, then you probably experienced the “candy treatment”. Many shopkeepers tend to give candies instead of change coins in transactions. However, now you may have a choice with this app. Soon you can donate those leftover coins for the education of girl children in rural India. This would be all be possible with a new mobile app concept developed by schoolgirls.

Most customers would have no choice but to accept the candies/toffees instead of arguing with the shopkeepers. However, if this app is launched, you would have the choice to use that change for a good cause.

This app idea was formed by few school girls from New Horizon Public School, Bangalore. Their app is named ChangeEd, an acronym for ‘Change for Education through Donation’.

The app works by shopkeepers downloading it. It lets their customers know that their small change can go to a cause. Since there are many such transactions in India, a substantial amount can accumulated.

The accumulated money will be given to chosen NGOs working in the field of educating girl children. ChangeEd will have a payment gateway system and the money transfer will be quite easy.

Due to the innovative idea from these school girls to turn an everyday transaction to a good cause, they have made it to the finals of the international technology competition, Technovation.

Technovation is a competition for young girls to develop mobile applications to solve real world problems in their communities. The team of girls from New Horizon School was mentored by experts from Goldman Sachs to develop the app.

The app is now in the final round and has received substantial appreciation from everyone. The team of girls will be facing three other teams in the final which will be held in San Francisco this July.

Image Reference: TheBetterIndia

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