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Temple Flowers turned to Organic Manure

Temple Flowers turned to Organic Manure

Normally devotees visit temples with coconuts, flowers and incense sticks. However, these are dumped in bins after their quantity surpasses the temple. They even dumped into water bodies.

In order to turn these waste flowers and coconuts into a useful solution, two engineering graduates came up with an innovative idea.

Yash Bhatt and Arjun Thakkar developed a machine which can turn these flowers into organic manure in two weeks.

The youth started working on a pilot project along with Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. In this project, more than 300 kg of organic waste had been collected from temples to convert it into 100 kg of manure each day.

Yash Bhatt said that they started thinking innovatively due to a lecture which they attended at Gujarat Technological University (GTU) Innovation Council.

Being engineers, they were told to find out solutions to the current problems of the society.

And while the duo was discussing the issues in the society, they realized that the disposal of flowers, leaves and coconuts remained a big problem due to major religious sentiments of Indians.

They started working on various other machines that are available in the market to compress, but developed their own machine to make it in a more effective way.

GTU innovation council funded the project with an approved grant of ₹95,000.

They sent a proposal to work along with the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation for their project. The youth said they were happy as all the authorities supported them a lot in their project.

On this pilot project, they have partnered with 22 temples. They are collecting the waste flowers, leaves and coconuts by providing dust bins to the temples.

They started selling the manure at ₹60 per kg. They want to involve Sakhi mandals to sell their products.

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