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Teen makes low-cost tools from scrap

Teen makes low-cost tools from scrap

Tools help improve the efficiency of work and save time as well. However, many tools are expensive and most of the times, it is difficult for the poor to buy them.

Farmers also need some agricultural tools. To help small and marginal farmers, this teen from Telangana crafted several tools.

Ashok Gorre from Suryapet, Telangana has a zeal for innovations. He has been crafting new things since his childhood.

This 17-year-old won many prizes in the science fairs. He made many low-cost tools to facilitate easy farming.

Born in a farmer’s family, Ashok realized the struggles of farmers. His parents are paddy cutlivators. He witnessed the struggles of his parents from sowing seeds to collecting the dry paddy.

Besides, many farmers do not get any help while working in the fields. Neither they could find labour nor they could afford it. As a result, it is hard to finish all tasks on their own. That’s why, Ashok designed a multipurpose tool. It can reap, collect, segregate and handle the paddy. This four-in-one multipurpose tool is used by 17 farmers in his area.

For this, Ashok collected the raw materials and assembled them with the help of a welder. Since he used scrap materials for designing the tool, it cost him ₹1,700.

The material used for making the tool are iron rods, an old cycle wheel, and bolts.

This multipurpose tool can also be used for weeding chilli and cotton crops. The farmers who used this tool has given a good feedback.

He made a Hydraulic JCB model when he was studying class 6, for which he won a prize. In addition to that, he also won the first prize  at the Students Engineering Model Competition organised by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Apart from that, he made a portable weeding tool using  iron rods, plates, a hand brake of a bicycle, and a spring.

Image by Luan Nguyen Kinh from Pixabay (Free for commercial use)

Image Reference: https://pixabay.com/photos/rice-paddy-fields-rice-food-5017074

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