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Teen boy recycles plastic waste to produce fabric

Teen boy recycles plastic waste to produce fabric

Many people help stay away from plastic usage due to its adverse effects on the environment. Some others explore ways on recycling plastic.

This Rajasthan boy is one of them. Aditya Banger, a 17-year-old boy, started a company to recycle plastic waste into the fabric. His family is in a textile manufacturing business.

Aditya had been to China when he was studying Class 10 on a business trip along with his uncle. At that time, he saw a manufacturing unit, which was converting huge amounts of waste into the fabric. It attracted the young boy, and he wished to use the technique.

Aditya shared the idea with his family members after his return to the motherland. His family appreciated the idea and supported him. They collaborated with a foreign company to set up a manufacturing unit in Bhilwara to produce fabric for their textile business company.

Now their company is producing durable fabric from PET-grade plastic. Besides, it makes wearables and other products also from plastic waste.

The conversion of fabric out of plastic waste is done as follows: The company collects the plastic waste from households and other local sources.

The waste is thoroughly cleaned to eliminate contaminants. It is then chopped and melted into fine filaments. These filaments are mixed with cotton to produce superior-quality fabric.

More than 10,000 kg of plastic waste had been converted into fabric in the last year. Thus, Aditya saves the environment from plastic pollution.

At present, they procure the waste at ₹40 per kg. They want to reduce the cost further. The company opened a portal for people to get rid of plastic waste. They can submit the details on the portal so that the company will collect plastic waste and use it productively.

Image by Charly_7777 from Pixabay (Free for commercial use)

Image Reference: https://pixabay.com/photos/garbage-plastic-waste-2263208/

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