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SMS based pregnancy preventer

SMS based pregnancy preventer

An unplanned and unwanted pregnancy will produce lots of problems for the woman’s health and also the family. In order to help women know the risk of when they could get pregnant, a mobile services based on SMSs has been developed.

The problem lies with the dearth of accessible services that alerts couples of the attainable pitfalls in the way of a healthy, happy life. To combat this drawback, the Institute for Reproductive Health (IRH) at Georgetown University has come up with an SMS-based service known as CycleTel Humsafar that helps ladies avoid unwanted pregnancies.

It is based on the Standard Days Methodology (SDM), a scientifically evidenced methodology that identifies the set of days in every cycle when a woman can get pregnant. CycleTel Humsafar then alerts the girl regarding the higher risk of pregnancy on those days. Studies conducted in many countries indicate that SDM is over 95 per cent effective in serving to women avoid gestation.

The CycleTel Humsafar service will be availed by calling the toll free number: 1800 1800 8000. The client care service screens potential beneficiaries through specific questions. If eligible, users get personalised messages based on SDM.

Due to the increasingly high penetration of mobile technology in India, this service will be helpful for many Indian couples to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

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