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Simple test for organic foods’ authenticity

Simple test for organic foods’ authenticity

More and more people are opting for organic food these days. The increased environmental awareness and the desire to lead healthy lives made many people want to go for food that is not grown with harmful chemicals.

With the increase in demand for consumption of organic food, the prices of these organically grown food items has increased drastically as well.

Nevertheless, people are ready to spend money for the sake of getting good and authentic products. However, how can one trust the authenticity of organic foods?

How to be sure that one is paying high price and getting food that is really organic?

With the test made by Hemalatha Rajendran, a BTech graduate from Chennai, one can now know for sure that they are indeed buying organic food.

Hemalatha talks about how, many food products are being adulterated using items like urea, detergent, soda and so on. These dangerous products fake stability and colour says Hemalatha.

In the past there was a court case demanding certification of organic food products. The test made by Hemalatha can certainly help with that.

Her test involves strips of A4 sheets which are used like a litmus paper. They can be dipped in milk and they would change colour if there are any impurities in it.

When she was testing A4 sheets in a reagent for the purpose of pesticide detection, she noticed this reaction.

She will soon perfect them and they can be used even by a layman to test organic products. The pesticide detection tool consists of decolourised sketch cartridge. The reagent is used with it.

As expected these tests are very cheap to purchase. The strips have a stability of 10 days. They cost ₹5 per 10 strips. The tests are also easily readable.

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