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School conserves energy, trees and water

School conserves energy, trees and water

Necessity is the mother of invention. Here is an example to prove the statement.

Vidyashilp Academy is a private school in Jakkur, Bengaluru.

As the school found huge paper waste across its different departments, the school established a recycling unit on its camp.

Large bins are placed inside all buildings of the school to collect paper waste which is sent to its recycling unit.

The unit recycles 40 kg of waste and generates around 800 sheets of recycled paper daily. It uses five units of electricity and 350 litres of water.

The school uses the recycling unit not just to use paper waste but to generate power from it for its daily use.

Five people have been employed for recycling.

The school uses recycled paper to publish its newsletters, file folders, notebooks, calendars, diaries, carry bags, photo frames, pencil holders, lamp shades, colour sheets, scribbling pads and envelopes.

With its recycling unit, the school has recycled 2,48,440 kg of newspapers, and saved 4,223 trees, 59,62,560 litres of water and one-month electricity to 10,931 households. It also has helped 7,453 poor children.

The recycled waste paper also has been used to print invitations and brochures for the events of the school.

In addition to their own paper waste, few surrounding enterprises of the school and parents contribute to the paper waste to the recycled waste.

The school reuses papers which are going into the landfill. The recycling unit helps children keep their surrounding clean as they have to put the waste paper at specific places, and makes them responsible.

The school says if every organization finds a suitable and an eco-friendly way to dispose garbage, then waste management would be easier and surroundings will be clean.

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