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Reusable menstrual products

Reusable menstrual products

Eco-friendly products are the latest trend. They not only help environment but assures to be a healthy alternative to the users. In the wake of eco-consciousness, many revolutionary products are hitting the market day by day. Sanitary products and menstrual pads are not an exemption to this.

Normal sanitary pads that women use are disposable and some of them are expensive. Hence, many women especially in rural area are unable to afford to buy these pads.

Another problem associated with the normal sanitary pads is that there is no proper recycling mechanism for these products after their disposal.So they result in a huge quantity of trash piled. To avoid this problem, many companies came up with new solutions. Reusable menstrual pads are one among them.

Here are some reusable menstrual products:

Eco Femme is a reusable menstrual pad which is made out of cotton cloth. The company assures that organic cotton is used for making fabric and dyes used are as per prescribed standards.

Even though, it is made of cotton it is assured to be leak proof due to the layer of PUL.

Furthermore, the company argues that using cloth is an age-old method which is widely used by women all over the world, and the problems come with cleaning the cloth but not the cloth itself. They recommended a good cleaning method as well to be hygienic to avoid infections.

Reusable menstrual products

Reusable menstrual products


Silky cup is another reusable menstrual product. It comes in three sizes.

Reusable menstrual silky cup is a convenient and hassle-free product.

The company assures that silky cup is made of international standards and the product will give protection for 12 hours.

It lasts for 10 years with proper maintenance.

Though initially, it seems to be more expensive than sanitary pads or tampons, it is cheaper in the long-run due to its durability.

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