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Puducherry teacher creates art pieces from waste material

Puducherry teacher creates art pieces from waste material

Generally, people discard waste materials like vegetable waste, coconut husks, straw etc. and dispose of them in the garbage. But, this man crafts them into beautiful art pieces.

V Umapathy from Puducherry is a government school teacher. He creates awareness among students and locals on sustainable living.

This art teacher makes beautiful crafts from discarded materials like dried leaves and roots, vegetable waste, hay, straw, bamboo, and coconut husks.

He also encourages his students to learn this innovative craft. Not only his students but also many locals learned the art from Umapathy. Some of them made it their profession.

As students are enthusiastic, they visit Umapthy during holidays also. Umapathy’s teaching skills and mentoring created interest in students.

They started making models of many aspects, including birds, animals, cartoon characters, human beings, and many more.

Some of the beautiful art pieces are displayed on the school premises. The Director of Education also displayed some models in his office. The school also shares these models on social media.

It attracted the attention of many tourists. Many of them are visiting the school to see the beautiful artwork.

Many students and their parents earn income by selling these art pieces. Thus, this artwork helps uplift poor families.

Inspired by these crafts, some students pursued courses in fine arts. They also wanted to become art teachers.

Initially, when Umapathy asked his students to make art pieces, they said that they cannot afford the material. Then he encouraged his students to create artwork using discarded materials. It led to the creation of beautiful artwork.

Umapathy trained many local people also. So far around 60 people got trained. Out of them, 10 people started their own units on a small scale to make money.

He conducts workshops along with his students in other regions also. Many students from other schools also showed interest in learning this craftwork.

Image from Pxhere (Free for commercial use / CC0 Public Domain)

Image Reference: https://pxhere.com/en/photo/614733

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