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Plantable visiting cards – A new trend

Plantable visiting cards - A new trend

Different types of eco-friendly products emerge in the market. Plantable products are one among them. Plantable Rakhis are sold on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. Now, plantable cards are a new trend.

When an IFS officer Parveen Kaswan shared a photo of his personal visiting card on Twitter, it went viral. The specialty of this visiting card is made of seed paper and it will yield a basil plant if planted.

Seed paper is a biodegradable paper. It is made from a mix of paper-pulp and organic seeds. Praveen mentioned in his tweet that anyone visiting his office would receive a plantable card.

He said that he liked the idea of growing a plant from the card. That’s why he shared it with others on social media.

He said that the idea behind making the card was to encourage people to plant this card and grow a herb, rather than sharing his contact details with others.

Netizens appreciated this idea. They wish it could be done for wedding cards and birthday greeting cards as they are also disposed of.

Some others shared their ideas also. These ideas include putting plant or flower seeds in pamphlets, price tags etc.

Several others wanted to know where they would get these cards.

There are several companies that offer these services.

WildLense, a Kanpur-based company offers eco-friendly products like cutlery from sugarcane waste and plantable products like pencils, pens, business cards and greeting cards.

Pepaa, a Coimbatore-based social enterprise offers eco-friendly and sustainable solutions. They also offer customized products like leaf shape, foot shape etc. The minimum order quantity for visiting cards is 250. There is no such restriction for invitations and greeting cards.

Seed Paper India, a Bengaluru-based company also makes visiting cards, invitations, price tags etc. from seed-based paper. The minimum order quantity for visiting cards is 500.

Image Credit: Parveen Kaswan on Twitter

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