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Paper that grows

Paper that grows

There is no limit to what creativity can do. This has once again been proved by a young lady from Jaipur.

Kritika Parwal came up with a creative idea to make paper which can be planted. She started a company called Tomato & Co. The company now designs paper which can be planted to give birth to beautiful saplings. At first she was unsure about her own idea.

Parwal was in the middle of a course at Kellogg when the students were asked to come up with a unique and creative idea as part of a branding assignment for a coffee chain. Kritika who grew up in the handmade paper hub of the world came up with the idea of creating paper which can be planted to give birth to trees.

She says that her idea has bought her a lot of appreciation in her class. She said that even though she did a lot of research on the idea before presenting it in front of the class, she was unsure about how the idea would turn out once it was put in practice.

When she met the brand manager of a multi-national FMCG company, she spoke to him about her idea. The manager asked her to implement this idea for her brand. Kritika was still unsure about how successful her idea might be, yet she went to Sanganer (a suburb in Jaipur). The place is full of many handmade paper industries.

Starting from her theoretical idea, Kritika worked hard to bring her idea to life. She did experiments with various organic materials, pigments and seeds. After many failed attempts she finally managed to develop ‘tomato paper’ from tomato seeds. Since a year, the company has made successful attempts in using seeds like tomato, lavender, chillies, carrot, jasmine, basil, lemon mint, lettuce, marigold, sunflower, wheat, parsley and orange.

Image Reference: TheBetterIndia

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