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Lemon Cutter for Uniformly sized Lemon...

It is difficult to cut lemon into uniform size pieces while making a pickle. Have you ever wondered about a machine that cuts the

Our Village Spiderman

Appachan, also called M J Joseph, did not even finish school. Sometimes that’s not a bad thing to happen! Appachan actually became an innovator

Sadhvi’s Menstrual Kit for Visually...

It is difficult for women to solve their menstrual problems. Several ailments and mood swings are common. To make matters worse, many myths and

One Assist Facilitates Card Fraud...

If you lose your card, mobile or wallet especially in a journey, it causes a great worry. In such times, we think if anyone

GPS footware

Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches. That is what Ducere Technologies seemed to think, too, so it has started the world’s first