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Apah Clay bottle – A great...

These handmade bottles use the natural process of evaporation cooling to keep the water cool.

Likely features of Iphone 8

Dual-rear cameras will likely reappear on the iPhone 8, especially given the excellent dual-rear camera quality of the iPhone 7 Plus. Augmented-reality apps will

Art from trash water bottles

An official in their SSE Drawing Section, C. H. Anil Kumar, brought forth his idea to show passengers how their waste items can be

Cloud seeding technology to increase...

The agricultural situation in Karnataka only seems to be getting worse, and people are at a loss for what to do about it.

Special Ganesh immersion tanks to stop...

These immersion tanks were created by Madhulika S. Choudhary, an anti-pollution activist from Dhruvansh. Last year, when she observed the thousands of dead fish