Reusable Diapers

Where typical diapers are coated with plastic and many other harmful chemicals, these are made of layers of fabric coated with a dry-feel protective

Mask that purifies air

It is a nasal aid that can filter pollutants in the air. Wearing this will make sure one gets only clean air separated from

The Eco-friendly house

D. Suresh a graduate of IIT-Madras and IIT-Ahmedabad has turned his entire house into an eco-friendly one. It is a fully self-sufficient house. It

Only in India: Jugaad...

MittiCool is a low cost refrigerator. The fridge is biodegradable as it is made out of clay.

Window that cleans itself

Such a surface can be used for more than just home maintenance. The surface can also be used in solar cell panel street lights