ElectroShoe prevents rapes

ElectroShoe is a device which electrocutes the perpetrator and thus helps in preventing attacks on women.

QR code revolution for vendors

The Bharat QR Codes do not require a digital wallet to be made, as the money is instead taken directly from the person's bank

Tamil Nadu school students design...

The students of Panchayat Union Middle School, Konerikuppa found so many issues in their school. But, after identifying the priority of the problems that

World’s lightest satellite made by...

The satellite that Sharook designed is made entirely out of carbon fiber that was crafted from a 3D printer, with a weight of merely

This society saves ₹20 lakh by...

For the past decade, the Roseland Residency in the suburbs of Pune has been implementing Rainwater Harvesting, and they have not had to buy