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Organic Kids wear

Organic Kids wear

Living eco-friendly is a great choice of lifestyle. You might want to help your children develop such a life style as well.

For such purposes, here are some of the best organic kids wear brands that will encourage a lifestyle of eco-friendliness at a young age.


Tula is a non-profit enterprise from Chennai. The clothes are purely organic with rain-fed cotton directly from small farmers. Khadi artisans spin the yarn. They use completely natural dyes as well.

The organization gives tailoring jobs to groups from marginalized communities to encourage them.

The garments are perfect for kids as they are light to wear. They also make clothes or adults.

Sense Organics

This brand has been up since 1996. They started it before organic became a trend in fashion. They used to make kids wear to European stores and then they opened in Bengaluru last year.

They completely dedicate themselves to using only organic fabrics. They also make clothing for babies.

The company gets organic cotton directly from farmers without any exploitation.


Greenkins has the motto of “chic” clothing for kids and maintaining organic products. It is founded by Roopali Srivastav. The company makes organic clothes along with non-toxic craft supplies, wooden toys and bio-degradable party supplies.

Little Green Kid

Organic Kids wear

Organic Kids wear

As the name suggests, this is a brand aimed at making clothing for infants and growing children. The company is from Bengaluru. They use 100% organic cotton.

It was founded by Rashmi Mittal. The brand makes colorful clothes.

They also use herbal dyes to make the colors natural and harmless. The clothing has no tags and zippers.


This is another brand aimed for kids clothing with vibrant and bright colors. The clothes come with creative hand draw designs.

Ashini Shah, the founder of the brand incorporated multi-cultural influences in to it. The company also makes, bibs, blankets, burp cloths etc.

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