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Mobile Solar Computer Classrooms for rural children

Mobile Solar Computer Rooms for rural children

Can you imagine even a single day without a smartphone or a computer and the internet? It is very difficult since everything is done online now.

However, not the entire country is digitally literate. And people who do not know the basic things of digital literacy cannot perform online transactions.

Especially in some rural and remote areas where there are a poor economic background and a lack of awareness, many people are digitally illiterate.

In order to address this concern, Edimpact, an ‘education empowerment’ organisation designed a unique learning programme. Sanwill Srivastava founded the organisation to make education accessible to all.

Their project Surya Kiran is aimed to impart information and communication technology (ICT) skills to poor children in rural India.

The project initially started in Ranchi, Jharkhand and now expanded to many other regions in Bihar, Meghalaya and Karnataka.

Under this project, Maruti EECO vans that have been redesigned into mobile computer labs are used to teach students. The computer lab is powered by solar energy.

Each mobile lab is equipped with five laptops which can accommodate six to seven students. It also has a demo computer with Wi-Fi connectivity powered by a 1KVA solar inverter.

Additional six to seven hours of power backup is available to use in the absence of solar energy.

Edimpact employs engineering graduates to run these mobile computer labs. These facilitators evaluate students and teach them at different levels as per their knowledge.

Experts develop the content to be taught. Some of the lessons include basics of operating a computer, working with Windows 10 and Microsoft Office, internet browsing, sending emails, performing cashless transactions, cybersecurity and many such related things to improve the digital literacy of the students.

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