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Meghdoot – Water generator from Air

Meghdoot – Water generator from Air

Can you imagine water from air? But, it is true. Meghdoot, an Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) harvests nearly 1,000 litres of water daily from thin air.

Meghdoot has been developed by Hyderabad-based startup Maithri Aquatech.

An AWG kiosk has been installed by the Indian Railways at the Secunderabad Railway Station.

The inspiration for Meghdoot was due to unavailability of potable water.

Ramakrishna, the MD of Meghdoot wants to develop a solution which is low-cost and eco-friendly. Then, air came to his mind.

AWG works on dehumidification principle. It generates drinking water out of moisture existing in the air.

The system works in the following way: Air is drawn into the system via an electrostatic filter. There are cooling coils in the path of air to provide a temperature difference which results in condensation.

There are various filters to purify the water. The purification process removes solids, odor and bacteria. The company assures that the purified water is free from biological and chemical contamination.

Meghdoot water generator produces good quality drinking water through condensing vapor using high-efficiency filters.

The double-layered anti-bacterial air filters ensure the moisture that is drawn through them is pure.

The two filters are of 1 micron and 12 microns to filter minute particles in the air that are not visible to the naked eye.

It is ionized before converting into pure water. After that, charcoal filtration process is used to make water free from all types of solid wastes and impurities.

The water is treated with Ozone then. Unlike RO devices and desalination systems that waste water, this system does not have wastage.

The machine is energy efficient as it consumes only 0.3 units of energy.

You have to pay ₹5 if you carry a bottle with you or if you want to buy one along with water, you have to pay ₹8.

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