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Man exports bamboo leaf tea to Europe

Man exports bamboo leaf tea to Europe

Bamboo is widely grown in Tripura. The state has many bamboo trees, which are the main natural resources.

People in Tripura use bamboo for the construction of houses, walls, and many other products. Bamboo has edible uses also as bamboo rice is a unique product of the state. Nowadays, the residents are making eco-friendly products like candles, diyas, bottles, cutlery etc., using bamboo.

Here is a man from Tripura who exports bamboo leaf tea to European countries and earns money.

36-year-old Samir Jamatia from Garji village in Tripura had been to China, Cambodia, and Vietnam, where he learned the uses of bamboo tree.

Samir recollects that his grandfather used to treat many common ailments like cough and cold with herbs and shoots in his childhood. At that time, he was not aware of the uses of these herbs. But, later, he realized the health benefits of many herbs and bamboo.

As Samir’s life has been associated with bamboo since his childhood, he wanted to know its benefits. Hence, he applied for a diploma in bamboo technology at a China University. Later he visited many other countries also to learn more about the uses of bamboo.

Samir says that bamboo leaf tea is loaded with antioxidants. It also has antibiotic properties. The leaves keep the health of your nails, hair, teeth, bones, and skin. Hence, Samir decided to start the process of bamboo leaves for tea.

There are many varieties of bamboo. Each has its own brew. Young and mature leaves are suitable for tea. The leaves are collected from the bottom of the tree and packed. Samir takes the help of local people for this.

The leaves are dried under the bright sun after plucking from the tree for seven days. Then they are ground to dust. Ginger extracts or lemongrass are added to the tea leaf to improve its flavour. The cost of the tea leaf is ₹120 per kg.

Image Credit: Samir Jamatia on Twitter

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