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Makerspaces for creative people to innovate

Makerspaces for creative people to innovate

Makerspaces are slowly gaining popularity in India. They are places for people interested in innovation to come and collaborate regarding designing, building, and creating. They are open to everyone irrespective of age, educational qualifications or gender. Here are some great makerspaces in India.

Maker’s Asylum in Mumbai

Maker’s Asylum was started by founders Vaibhav and Anool in a garage. They provide classes and training for operating tools. The tools here include 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC machines, electronics lab and prototyping tools for woodworking, robotics, bicycle building and repair, rapid prototyping, open source computer-aided design. The cost of membership is Rs.3500 per month

JMoon Makerspace in Delhi

JMoon is Delhi’s first makerspace. It was started by Jasmeet Singh in 2014. It is for projects related to robotics, home automation, embedded systems, wearable tech, internet of things, woodwork and even cosplay suits. The tools here include Hacksaw, 3D printer, laser engraver, TSOP infrared set, heat gun, and a lot more. The membership starts from Rs.3000 per month Workbench Project in Bengaluru Workbench Project was founded by Pawan Kumar and Anupama Gowda. There is also a cafe right next to the workspace lab. The membership price starts from Rs. 3000 a month.

KSUM Fab Lab in Kochi

KSUM Fab lab has facilities suitable even for people with minimal training or engineering experience. It mainly focuses on digital fabrication technology. It has tools like Laser cutter, 3D printer, vinyl plotter, sand blaster, electronic test equipment.

CEPT Fab Lab in Ahmedabad

The lab supports innovative projects with tools like CNC Milling, 3D printing, circuit production, laser cutting, and precision milling.

Fablab at Vigyan Ashram in Pune

This fab lab also has tools like Laser cutter, Roland Milling machine, 3D printer, oscilloscope, soldering equipment.

Maker’s Loft in Kolkata

This space also has a dedicated space for children. It promotes science, engineering, robotics and other such technology in children. It has tools like 3D printer and scanner, Google Cardboard, laser cutting machine. The cost of membership starts from Rs.3000.

Chennai Makerspace in Chennai

It was founded in 2015 with a lot of equipment. They hold many workshops and provide tools like Tools for PCB fabrication, 3D printer, sensor tools, and drills.

Collab House in Hyderabad

Collab house is place hackers, makers, and startups to meet and work. The space has 3D printing available with it. The membership starts from Rs.3500.

Meerut Maker Space in Meerut

The Meerut Maker Space is for science junkies in Meerut. The founders saw the need for a collaborative workspace for bright young – and old – minds.

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