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A machine that changed the lives of ginger and turmeric farmers

Ginger and turmeric planter

Meet Indrajit Singh who observed the lives of many farmers filled with struggles and came up with a machine. What’s surprising is the fact that he is not an engineer or does not have any experience with it.

Before the machine, turmeric and ginger farmers had to dig the soil manually which was time consuming and costly. This innovating simplifies the tedious process of ginger planting. It also increases the harvest a lot.

The technology he made is named ‘Guru’ is a planter with adjustable row spacing that can be attached to a tractor. The planter then opens the furrow, meters the seeds, then delivers and places them in the furrow at an equal distance.

Indrajit’s life was spent in a well settled family. He was set to follow the path of his family by farming. But instead he chose the path of an innovator by presenting many farmers with a new invention which made their livelihood much better. He stated that he did not plan to be any innovator. He just observed the struggles that farmers around him go through every day. He wanted to make the planting process much simpler and he managed to come up with the invention with time.

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