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Kashmir brothers developed multiple innovations

Kashmir brothers developed multiple innovations

Developing even one innovative product is very difficult. But this brothers’ duo developed more than 30 innovations.

Refaz Ahmad Wani and Ishfaq Ahmad Wani, the twin brothers from Kashmir, built 36 innovations. Some of them are an apple catcher, an automatic food serving vessel, a washing-cum-drying machine etc.

Hailed from a humble background, these brothers won several awards including Ignite Award. Their father worked as a labourer. He raised his children with his meagre income.

These creative brothers started making unique toys when they were in class 6. At that time, Refaz and Ishfaq asked their father to buy some toys on the occasion of Eid. His father said that he would give them unique toys.

He made some toys using clay in the shape of animals. The boys were astonished by the talent of their father and started making some toys on their own. Several people appreciated their creativity. They started selling the toys and pots made by themselves.

It instilled confidence in them to develop more innovations. Later they created an earthmover design that can be operated manually.

They met G M Bhat, a professor at Kashmir University, who guided them to project their talent in the right direction. He even sponsored their projects. With his encouragement, they participated in the innovative programme of the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India.

The twins also submitted their 15 innovations at the National Innovation Foundation (NIF) and won the award for their innovative product, foldable water bottle. This innovative bottle can be used to carry water, milk and other liquids.

Refaz and Ishfaq received the award from the then President of India Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. He called them Creative Twins of India.

The twins received the National Award for their innovations consecutively for three years.

Refaz and Ishfaq have ideas of more than 500 innovative designs. They need finical support to turn their innovations into commercial products.

Image by TheDigitalArtist from Pixabay (Free for commercial use)

Image Reference: https://pixabay.com/illustrations/innovation-idea-inspiration-4556696/

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