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Innovation that helps find out malnutrition in children

Innovations that help find out malnutrition in children

Most of the children are under malnutrition. But, it is difficult to find out which nutrients and how much percentage they actually lack without a blood test. It is painful for children as well as expensive for underprivileged families.

In this context, Muhammad Suhail, an 18-year-old designed a simple method to test the malnutrition in the children.

This Madhya Pradesh boy, a bookworm since his childhood, reads at least a book a day. Moreover, he is an all-rounder with his exceptional skills in various activities including writing, singing, karate, yoga and chess.

He developed a working model of piezo-electric at the age of 14 with which electricity can be generated when people walk on it.

His interest made him explore various technology related facts and innovations. Two years ago, he was watching the videos and got bored. At that time, his project partner Swastik told him about Dr Manu Prakash.

Then, Suhail started watching his TED talks, and his speeches impressed the boy a lot.

Dr Manu Prakash, a reputed biophysicist invented several things with low-cost materials like paper.

Inspired by Dr Prakash, Suhail started working on malnutrition project as he remembered the fact that several children across the globe are under this.

Dr Manu Prakash, the virtual guru became his Dronacharya.

Suhail designed a paper to conduct a test for malnutrition. The test is being performed by collecting the saliva of the child.

The paper would change its colour if the child lacks proteins and other nutrients. Furthermore, with the help of the app he developed, the paper is scanned to identify the percentage of protein or the level of malnutrition the child is suffering with.

This testing method is very simple that can be done in just 2 minutes and the cost is just ₹2.

The pilot project was successful on the patients at the Yenepoya Research Centre. The doctors at the centre cooperated with the boy.

What more, this young boy does not want his innovation to be commercialized. Rather, he wants to give it back to the country to fight against the malnutrition jointly.

Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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