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Hydroponics- the revolution in farming

Hydroponics- the revolution in farming

Hydroponics is a new kind of growing plants. It can change the future of gardening and farming. Read on to know more about this unique system.

Many people who are interested in farming or gardening might have not followed their interest because of lack of space. For people like that, hydroponic gardening is the perfect answer. This unique method can help people grow plants even with minimal space.

Hydroponics is the science of soil-less gardening. This means that there is no need to have big fields of soil to grow plants. In this process, it involves growing healthy plants without using any traditional soil mediums. Hydroponics instead use a nutrient like a mineral rich water solution.

Hydroponics works based on the fact that a plant just needs select nutrients, some water, and sunlight to grow. It was found that plants can grow without soil. In fact they not only can grow but are found to grow better in water than in soil.

Due to these reasons, hydroponic gardening is fast becoming a popular choice for many growers around the world. It is much more sustainable because of its resource usage than the usual growing methods.

Hydroponics provide constant nutrients to the plant. This allows plants to grow up to 50% faster than they would in soil. Another advantage is that fresh produce can be harvested from a hydroponic garden throughout the year.

This technique also has barely any need of herbicides and pesticides compared to traditional soil gardening. This makes it environment friendly too.

Another environment friendly fact about hydroponics is that the water used in hydroponic gardening stays in the system and can be reused.

As arable land is often in short supply, this is especially a great option for those who have a tiny balcony. It also works well for indoor gardening.

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