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The house that can be folded

The house that can be folded

You may have heard of moving houses. Then there are recreational vehicles. But have you heard of a house that can be folded and carried? Sounds like something out of a fantasy novel? Not quite.

A team from IIT has actually made this innovation. It comes from civil engineering students from IIT Madras.

They have come with a prototype for such a house. The amazing part is that it is a two-story house.

If you are wondering what could be the use of such a home, then know that such a home is perfect for disaster prone areas. People can easily move from one place to another.

The house is made using metal frames so it is by no means a weak structure. It is 52ft in length and breadth. It is 40ft tall. It comes with walls that are interchangeable.

The ease with which the home is assembled or dissembled makes it simple to setup and very affordable. The house has the adaptability to be setup pretty much everywhere without having to worry about soil.

It comes with foldable metal piping. All one has to do is unfold these pipes to set up the house. The panels that come with it can be easily fixed on to the metal frames.

The house that can be folded

The house that can be folded


These panels make up the walls of the house.

The panels are made to be able to hold electricity and water supply. This means that they can supply power and water to the house if there is a connection.

All the rooms of the house can be completely dismantled and folded away except the toilet. The toilet is a separate box of 13m area length.

It is fitted to one end of the main house’s frame. It comes all equipped with faucets that are functional. The water supply can be connected to it so there are no problems.

The team hopes to sell each house for about ₹3 lakh.

Image Reference: TimesofIndia, TheBetterIndia

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