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Gujarat man’s innovative cot

Gujarat man’s innovative cot

Many innovative products emerge into the market daily. Most of them are born out of need. Here is an example of such an innovative product designed by a forest officer.

Kanubhai Karkar, a 54-year-old man from Gujarat, built a three-in-one cot. Hailed from a poof family, Kanubhai believed in smart work. He has been passionate about creating innovative products since his childhood.

He created many innovative products using the trial and error method. He used to repair damaged products in his house. His skills have been developed with his age.

He helped many people with his innovative ideas and skills. Kanubhai is creative in utilizing limited and available resources to find out a solution to a problem. He designed many products in his home to make life easier.

Kanubhai’s innovative products are beneficial for the day-to-day use of people. One of his most useful innovations is a three-in-one cot. This cot is a cheaper alternative to expensive beds. It occupies less space in the house. It is ideal for middle-class houses, hostels and guest rooms.

This three-in-one cot comprises three cots, one above the other. Users can open or close as per their needs. It can be used as a king-sized bed or a single cot. To ease the movement of cots, he attached wheels to the bottom of the cot. Besides, it is also equipped with a mosquito net. The cost of the three-in-one cot is ₹3,500. One can get wooden framing done on the cot if needed.

His exercise machine can be used by 30 people at a time. The machine costs ₹30,000. The Gujarat Governor appreciated his efforts after looking at the exercise machine. His house was awarded the Sreshta Ghar Puraskar of the Gujarat state government. His innovations came out of necessity. Kanubhai hopes to create over 50 inventions in the next year before his retirement.

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