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Greenway Smart Stove

Greenway Smart Stove

Greenway smart stove, GSSV3 is a single burner high efficiency cook stove. This is a very eco-friendly product and is a proper modern replacement for traditional mud & stone stoves. This stove is good for villages especially where people use stoves which are harmful for environment and health.

The GSSV3 is an award winding design which uses no moving parts. This saves up to 65 percent of fuel which is helpful in reducing emissions of CO, and CO2 and particular matter (PM).

The stove also enables people to having convenient cooking without any fuel processing. The users of the stove do not have to change their cooking habits when they use this stove.

The users of the stove can cook what they like with this stove with reduced gas emissions.

The stove can work based on almost all solid fuels. It also helps in fast and convenient cooking. Dry or cut fuel is not required to be processed with this stove. Due to the absence of moving parts, the stove is highly durable.

This is very helpful for people trying to be economic. The stove also has the option of a quick start up.

Due to the option of front fuel feeding, there won’t be any need in changing cooking habits. The stove is also maintenance free.

Image Courtesy: Greenway Grameen

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