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Flexi Flush reduces toilet water wastage

Flexi Flush reduces toilet water wastage

Water wastage is an emerging problem all over the world at present. It is also increasing in India.

There are many simple things you may be ignoring which could be causing it.

For instance, every flush needs around ten litres of water, but the work can be finished in just 500 ml.

Often, solutions are simple even to complex problems. But, simplicity can only be seen after identifying the solution.

Mumbai school children had focused on this water problem and came up with a simple but innovative solution to tackle water wastage in toilets.

All these students are from class VI to VIII. Their names are: Dhruva Iyer, Rohan Shenoy, Chaitanya Raghavan, Sidak Arora, Shaommik Kelkar and Dhruva Jain.

They made a group to solve the issue of household water wastage as part of their school project.

They proposed two solutions: Fixing two 500 ml bottles in your flush tank is the first solution. Thus, you can only use the water to that extent.

That means your tanks will fill up the appropriate amount of water. The solution is simple but it will reduce the amount of water you flush each day by half.

Then, imagine how much water will be saved by each house in a month.

Nobody could have imagined how two small bottles will reduce water wastage in toilets until the solution has been revealed by these Mumbai kids.

Flexi Flush reduces toilet water wastage

Flexi Flush reduces toilet water wastage

Installing a prototype sensor in your toilets is another solution. The sensor based prototype is known as Flexi Flush.

These sensors should be fitted in the commodes to avoid water wastage.

The sensor of the Flexi Flush estimates the required amount of water and uses only that much water for each flush.

The Flexi Flush model had made its entry into the ‘First Lego League’ global competition in Estonia.

Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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