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Feast for fish this Ganesh Chaturthi

Feast for fish this Ganesh Chaturthi

September 17 marks the Ganesh Chaturthi festival that is celebrated with a lot of fervor in our country. This time, it is not just humans that will be enjoying the festival, but also some lucky fish which will get corn and spinach meals packed in special Ganesh idols.

Anand Pendharkar, the founder of Mumbai based NGO Sprouts Environment Trust came up with an unusual way to save the environment this Ganesh Chaturthi. He aims to save water this year. As every year the festival ends with 1.5 lakh idols being immersed into water, there is a lot of pollution occurring. This effects the aquatic life too.

In order to help the fishes, Sprouts are making unique fish friendly Ganesh idols which can be immersed in water without worrying about environment. The idea was to fill up with the idol with fish food. Several issues like preventing the fungus and not desecrating the god were present. However, they finally managed to use vegetarian food made from corn and spinach to fill up the idols.

The NGO also met up with many artisans to convince them to make idols out of clay. Most did not agree as clay idols usually have dull colors. This year they are selling nine inch fish friendly idols at Rs.900 each.

Image Reference: TheBetterIndia

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