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Farmer’s son develops many innovations

Farmer’s son develops many innovations

Many people follow others and remain one of the members of a group. But, this young man wants to be unique.

Anand Pandey from Uttar Pradesh hailed from a poor background. His father is a farmer, and his mother is a homemaker. His family would not have sufficient food to eat sometimes during his childhood.

Anand, a brilliant student, has been passionate about experimenting with various things to develop innovations. Not just that, he excels in his academics and has been in the top ranker.

Anand wanted to join IIT after Class 12 and prepared on his own. But, he could not crack the exam. He pursued electronic and communication engineering from an engineering college. Due to his interest in innovations, he learned working of manual robots and got trained in it.

He became an expert and built a manual robot at the end of his engineering course. He also created a prototype of a driverless metro train. His experiments helped him stand in the first place in his practical exams.

For his innovation, he received the Innovation Award from the then-Chief Minister. It boosted his confidence to experiment with more things and develop new designs.

He used to spend a lot of time on developing innovations; hence, he could not join a job. However, due to his family condition, his mother asked him to take up a job several times. But, Anand’s vision was different. He aims to develop more innovations and choose a career in that field only.

He started a training centre in Lucknow for engineering students to train them on developing new things. The training runs for three months. In his first batch, he trained eight students. But before the lockdown, he had 85 students.

Besides, his innovations grabbed the attention of many people. One of his excellent innovations is a bag that converts into a chair. The cost of the bag is ₹850. He has sold over 1,000 bags so far.

Some other breakthrough innovations of Anand are a blood circulation machine and an electricity generator. The blood circulation machine helps improve the blood circulation or blood flow in the body. The electricity generator generates electricity from speed breakers.

Many engineering colleges and IITs invite Anand for guest lectures by paying honorariums. Anand is so happy that his innovations get recognized. Currently, Anand is working on a low-cost laddu making machine. Apart from the Innovation Award, Anand received many other awards also.

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