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Farmer designs water mill for electricity

Farmer designs water mill for electricity

In order to generate electricity himself, Siddappa, an illiterate farmer has designed a water mill. Sidappa who hails from Gadag district in Karnataka has done everything from concept to materializing on his own.

With the help of timbers, Siddappa has made a giant wheel is joined at a central hub. It has eight arms, five feet each extending from the central hub. Each arm has a plastic bucket at the tip of each arm. Water comes from two pipes gushes into one of the buckets which will generate the pressure which will set the 10 feet wheel in an anti-clockwise motion.

Using a central steering wheel, the bucket could also be spun in the horizontal plane. It works similar to the teacup ride in amusement parks. Each bucket is driven by the flowing water and the first arm declines back to the ground as others rise in the air. As a result of this process, the black wheel attached to the giant wheel is rotated. This black wheel rotates another wheel connected to a dynamo.

The direct current from the dynamo is converted to Alternating current. The whole apparatus supposedly costs only Rs 5000. He generates 150 watts of power from the water mill when water flows in the canal. Sidappa is hopeful that he can generate electricity for his entire village.

Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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