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Edible chocolate cups

Edible chocolate cups

Edible cutlery is a new trend now. Many startups emerge into the market with innovative edible cutlery.

A tea kiosk in Tamil Nadu offers tea in edible chocolate cups. Customers can eat the cup after they drink tea.

In the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, the tea kiosk introduced edible cups.

The shop sells tea dust packets to customers and serves tea and coffee to its customers.

The tea shop, RS Pathy Nilgiri Tea kiosk is located in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. It is an outlet of R. S. Pathy and Company.

The company has been trying to offer unique services to customers since its inception. Initially, it had an ayurvedic outlet which gained popularity.

Then the company opened a tea kiosk next to their ayurvedic outlet to sell tea along with snacks.

Later when the government banned single-use plastics, the company researched to find out alternatives. They don’t want to use steel cups due to their maintenance. They preferred clay cups and started selling Tandoor tea.

But after that, they came to know about the edible cups and chocolate flavoured biscuit cups.

The tea shop proposed to introduce these edible cups in March this year due to the ban on single-use plastics. However, due to nationwide lockdown, it could not do so, and the cups were introduced after easing the lockdown norms.

Within a few days after launching the cups, it received a good response from the customers. The shop sold more than 2,000 cups within a short span.

The edible chocolate-flavoured cups can hold 60 ml of hot tea or coffee for around 10 minutes. The tea is priced at ₹20. The shop sells nearly 500 cups per days.

Customers of the shop appreciated the introduction of edible cups as these cups increase the taste of drinks. In addition to that, people do not prefer to consume drinks in the used cups.

Image Credit: Thebetterindia

Image Reference: https://www.thebetterindia.com/231980/madurai-tea-shop-edible-teacup-eco-friendly-innovation-low-cost-india-ros174/

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