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Eco-friendly pencils

Eco-friendly pencils

Have you heard of these eco-friendly pencils? Imagine old newspapers being used to make pencils instead of traditional wood. Thousands of pencils are used all over the world. If they are all replaced with these eco-friendly pencils, a lot of wood can be saved.

That was the idea Vikash Khandelwal got when he decided to make his eco-friendly newspaper pencils. Vikash started a stationery supplier business in Coimbatore. He used to make supply plastic products as well. However, when he heard people talking about the dangers of using this kind of material and alternative eco-friendly products, he shifted his focus to it.

His latest creation is: pencils made out of newspaper. The pencil is called the ECO’ME. It is now available in the retail market in Coimbatore.

These pencils are 172 mm in length. They are not too thick or too thin making it easy for all children to use. They are made with great quality glue which works like a cushion for the lead in the pencil. As a result, the lead doesn’t break even if the pencil is dropped.

Since the pencils are made out of newspapers, the glue also works as a waterproofing agent to prevent the paper from getting soggy. Even if these pencils are left in water for six hours, they still won’t have a problem.

In order to make two of these pencils, a double sheet of a newspaper is used. Each newspaper sheet is cut into half, horizontally. The lead is fit in the corner of the paper and it is stuck to it manually.

Vikash and his team imports the lead from China. With a machine, the paper is tightly rolled around the lead. As the rolling occurs, the glue is applied evenly to reinforce it. The Newspaper is not too strong that a normal a new sharpener can’t be used.

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