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Eco-bricks made from recycled PPE kits and masks

Eco-bricks made from recycled PPE kits and masks

Since face masks are mandatory now, many people are using them when they are outside. At the same time, many frontline warriors and others are using PPE kits.

But, this discarded waste increases the burden on the environment.

To reduce it and save the environment, this Gujarat man makes eco-friendly bricks by recycling discarded face masks and PPE kits. These bricks are lightweight, sturdy, and durable.

Dr Binish Desai is known as the Recycle man of India. He is making eco-friendly bricks from discarded non-woven PPE kits and single-use face masks.

Binish had made P-bricks in the past from paper waste, leftovers of chewing gum and organic binders.

Binish is the founder of Eco Eclectic Technologies. This Gujarat-based startup makes useful things from different types of waste products. It produces more than 150 products.

Now, he made the latest eco-bricks or P-block 2.0 bricks. These bricks are tested at a government-accredited local laboratory to check and authorize the material due to non-availability of the national laboratory amid COVID-19 pandemic.

Binish says that the quality of the bricks is beyond the expectations and they passed all durability tests.

The bricks have 52 per cent of discarded PPE kits and masks, 45 per cent of paper waste, and three per cent of the binder. They are pest resistant and water-repellant. They are fire retardant as well.

Each brick is 12 x 8 x 4 inches in size. He uses 7 kilograms of waste material per square foot. The cost of a brick is ₹2.8.

Binish wants to collect biomedical waste from hospitals and other places through Eco Bins. These Eco bins have an indication mark to show when they are full so that they are left untouched for 72 hours. Then, the materials are thoroughly disinfected and made ready for the raw material.

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