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Earthen lamp that lights for 24-hours

Earthen lamp that lights for 24-hours

As Diwali, the festival of lights is ahead, many Indians are busy in buying earthen lamps. While people decorate their homes with earthen lamps, refilling oil in these lamps to keep them lit is somewhat difficult. Diyas will extinguish if you do not refill the oil in these lamps every once in a while.

To keep lamps continuously glow, a Chhattisgarh potter designed them innovatively.

Ashok Chakradhari from Chhattisgarh modified the design of a traditional lamp in such a way that the oil circulates continuously. Thus the lamp will burn for more than 24 hours. Ashok claims that the lamp can burn up to 40 hours.

The earthen lamp has a dome-like reservoir over it to keep refiling. Besides, it has a tube-like structure. It holds the reservoir above the base of diya.

Ashok Chakradhari’s family has been in pottery business for many years. He learnt pottery making from his father and has been practising it since his childhood. He is an expert in it.

One of his daughters learnt pottery and has been helping him. Ashok wants to do something unique. He watched various lamp making videos on YouTube. He started experimenting and succeed after a few trials. He said that he could manage to complete the model in the fourth attempt.

He kept this lamp at his workplace. Some of his customers visited the place during Navratri. They took the photos of the diya and shared on social media. The photos went viral. Many netizens appreciated him.

Ashok also shared a video of the lamp on Facebook. He received many orders for the earthen lamp. People from all over the country inquired about the lamp.

In addition to the lamp, Ashok makes various decorative pieces like horses, elephants, fountains, water pots, coffee mugs, and dinner sets based on the orders from customers.

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