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Discarded glass bottles used to make stronger sand

Discarded glass bottles used to make stronger sand

Waste management is one of the most essential things these days to think about. People have been exploring different ways for it.

In Delhi alone, 8,000 tonnes of solid waste is collected per day out of which glass contributed to 80 tonnes.

Udit Singhal, 17-year-old from Delhi wanted to recycle glass bottles lying at home. He saw that several glass bottles were around his home and even the kabadiwala refused to take them.

Then he explored ways to utilize the bottles. In his research, he found that there is a technique with which glass bottles could be crushed into sand. He discovered that there is a firm, Expleco Ltd. in New Zealand that crushes glass bottles into the sand using a machine.

Being interested in the concept, Udit wanted to apply it in India as he thought it is the perfect solution for waste glass bottles.

He wanted the machine to be brought from New Zealand to India for which he contacted the New Zealand High Commission in Delhi pitching his idea to them. He also called the New Zealand company and maintained a rapport with them during their conversation period of one month.

The company agreed to send the machine and also for partial funding of it. The remaining half of the cost was borne by Udit’s parents.

The machine is efficient enough to crush glass bottles into sand within seconds. The sand thus produced can be used in the construction industry.

Udit says it is stronger than normal sand due to higher amounts of silica content in them to hold the bricks and concrete in a better way.

The machine cost him around ₹1.8 lakhs in INR plus import duty. It does not need replacement up to 20,000 bottles.

Currently, he is collecting bottles from friends and relatives to make the sand and sending it to construction companies for testing.

Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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