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Device that controls air pollution

Device that controls air pollution

Air pollution is one of the leading causes of deaths in the country. There are many reasons for it. Several measures are taken by the governments to control it. Yet, it is not controlled as expected.

In this context, it is apt to know about a young man who designed a device to control air pollution.

Ashik SV from Bengaluru has been trying to design a device to control air pollution since his childhood. He designed many prototypes before finalizing his device that works effectively and perfectly.

He is pursuing Automobile Engineering at Dayanand Sagar College of Engineering.

He recently patented his device that filters soot and particulate matter effectively from polluted air.

His device P-PAL Tree has been launched recently. Peepal tree produces 24-hours oxygen. Hence, Ashik named his device as P-PAL Tree.

Ashik shared his motivation to work on air pollution controlling device.

When he was in school, his science teacher was explaining the causes of air pollution. At that time, he heard some noise outside which was distracting. He found that it was the noise from the old scooter of his principal who was trying to start it.

He also found that the scooter was emitting black smoke continuously. He was shocked to realize how a single scooter can cause so much pollution. That very moment, he decided to design a device that controls air pollution.

Realizing that there were many air purifiers that help control the emissions of carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide, but only a few air purifiers that deal with soot or particulate matter in the air, he worked on it.

His device, the P-PAL Tree can filter up to 1 crore litres of polluted air per day.

Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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