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Detect Dengue in just 15 minutes

Detect Dengue in just 15 minutes

In developing countries, mosquito-related diseases are still a huge problem. It is not often the disease that causes deaths, but rather the lack of infrastructure to identify and treat the condition.

Dr Navin Khanna is one of the biggest experts on dengue fever, a disease that has devastated many countries including India.

He has come up with a unique and groundbreaking method to test and detect Dengue fever in about 15 minutes. And even better is that it costs just ₹140. For his innovation, the innovative doctor was awarded the Padma Shree award.

To put things in perspective, the regular test for dengue fever can take anywhere from 4 days to 2 weeks. This is a crucial time for patients to be successfully treated.

Detecting the disease early is crucial to successfully treating the patient and Dr Navin’s kit helps do exactly that.

Due to the early detection made possible by the kit, doctors don’t have to always use severe treatments to help the patients.

People who have their minds set on helping others through innovations don’t stop at one step. As such, Navin and his team are now working to develop an anti-dengue botanical drug. The doctor says that there is no safe and broad use of dengue vaccine or drug in the market now. Many vaccines are still in the late stages of clinical trials.

The doctor and his team aim to make a drug that can drastically cut down the number of dengue-related deaths.

Navin believes that prevention is better than cure. He suggests several safe practices that people can use to keep the disease at bay.

He says to avoid stagnant water as the dengue-carrying day time mosquitoes often breed there.

Most people who get infected by dengue often get it from their home or workplace surroundings. As such, it is important to keep these places as hygienic as possible.

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