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Delhi Metro becomes World’s first Green Metro

Delhi Metro becomes World’s first Green Metro

The Delhi Metro Railway Corporation (or DMRC) has recently received a green certification on all of its major buildings and installations, therefore making the Delhi Metro the first fully “green metro” in the world. Dr. Prem C. Jain, the chairman of the Indian Green Building Council (or IGBC), has complimented the hard and time-consuming work that went into making this metro completely eco-friendly.

Additionally, ten of the DMRC’s residential colonies were given platinum ratings for their excellent adherence to the IGBC’s environmental standards.

The accomplishments of the DMRC are especially prevalent because of the extensiveness of the Indian Railway, which is one of the largest and most complex railway systems in the world. Therefore, such a vital railway becoming entirely green is seen as a massive feat.

This accomplishment is also prevalent because of the large and increasing energy consumption levels of Indians. It has grown by 700% in the last forty years, and is expected to increase by another 300% in the next thirteen years.

Additionally, one of the primary usages of energy in India is in transport, and urban transport most of all. This makes it especially beneficial to the environment for such a massively-used source of energy to be deemed as completely eco-friendly.

Recently, there was a national conference on Green Metro Systems, in which all other Metro Systems in the country were represented alongside the DMRC. Other cities discussed following in the path of the Delhi Metro and making their metro systems greener as well.

They also discussed the development of more environmentally-friendly technologies for metros. Currently, the DMRC is working on developing solar power for its trains, and they are already purchasing and commissioning panels to be put on their trains’ rooftops.

Delhi Metro becomes World’s first Green Metro

Delhi Metro becomes World’s first Green Metro

With the use of trains and transport constantly on the rise, it is becoming more and more vital that the energy consumed by these facilities will benefit the environment of our world.

Image Reference: IndiaToday

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