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Delhi to launch new driverless metro line

Delhi to launch new driverless metro line

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (or DMRC), which has been around since May of 1995, has now been working for twenty-two years to connect the entire National Capital Region (or NCR). The first line was the Red Line, which began its service in 2002.

The Delhi Metro is now the 12th-longest metro system in the world, and it also has the 16th-largest number of riders in the world. Now, the Delhi Metro will soon be receiving another large expansion.

The DMRC will soon be introducing the Magenta Line, which will begin its service during this month. However, there is a unique feature to this new line: all of the trains will be driverless.

The trains of the Magenta Line are technologically advanced and very energy-efficient, and they will operate on a new signaling system. The DMRC will put a system in place called the Communication-Based Train Control (or CBTC).

However, trains equipped with the Unattended Train Operation will only be unattended after about two years of use. Since the operators need to take some time to get used to the new signaling system, the trains will be run by drivers for the first two years. After those two years, they will operate without drivers.

These trains will also have numerous benefits for commuters. The trains are equipped with a WiFi facility, which will be very convenient for many passengers.

The new line is also convenient for Noida residents, since its location will allow them to get to Gurgaon by changing trains at Hauz Khas.

Delhi to launch new driverless metro line

Delhi to launch new driverless metro line

This will also help lessen the usual jam-packed state of the Rajiv Chowk station, which is known for its constantly-crowded conditions.

Thus, the station will be easier to navigate, and people will be able to board and leave the trains in the station much more easily.

Overall, the Magenta Line will help expand the connectivity of the NCR and provide many benefits and conveniences to its passengers.

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