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Customized masks that reveal identity

Customized masks that reveal identity

Wearing a face mask in public is mandatory in the country now. Hence, masks have become a part of people’s lives.

However, wearing masks constantly pose some health issues including breathing problems. Apart from that, identity problems are another thing. When you cover your nose, mouth and chin completely, it will become difficult to identify you.

To overcome this problem, a Kerala photographer has designed customized face masks.  Binesh G Paul from in Etumanoor in Kottayam made a unique mask that identifies the covered portion.

These are customized masks and made as per the features of a person.

Binesh is a digital photographer. He has been in this field for over 10 years.

His family is in the business of photography for about 55 years. He inherited his studio from them.

Binesh takes the photo of the concerned person in a high-resolution camera. The measurement of the chin of the person is also taken.

The photo is then transferred to a particular paper using sublimation printing.

The image thus transferred will be enlarged, then the particular portion will be cut and superimposed on the cloth mask with a high degree temperature. Thus the mask is prepared.

This unique mask can be prepared within 20 minutes and the cost is ₹60 per piece.

Binesh made 1,000 masks in two days. He got orders from another 5,000 people.

Binesh says that masks often can create problems while checking in ATMs, airports, examination halls etc.

His masks can overcome these problems. He said that he came across different masks carrying pictures of cartoon characters, celebrities etc.

However, he never came across a mask carrying one’s own image. Hence, he thought about it and succeeded in achieving it.

Image Reference: Hindustantimes

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