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Couple makes tableware from Arecaleaf

Couple makes tableware from Arecaleaf

Sustainable products are a new trend. This Kerala couple wanted to venture into this business. Devakumar Narayanan and Saranya worked in the UAE for a few years before commencing their own business. Though they were not sure about the business they were going to start, they wanted to choose a business with social responsibility. That’s why they chose to make sustainable and eco-friendly products.

They chose arecanut leaf sheaths as these trees are plenty in Kasaragod, Kerala. So they thought procuring raw material for making their products would be easier. Besides, they are easily biodegradable and eco-friendly. Moreover, they can be used as an alternative to plastic products.

They launched their brand Papla in 2018 in the market. Papla products are made out of arecanut leaf sheaths. They include plates, bowls, spoons etc.

They are available in different sizes and shapes. In addition to that, Papla is making handmade soaps, hats, grow bags, hand fans etc.

The price of tableware ranges from ₹1.50 to ₹10. While hats are priced at ₹100, grow bags are priced at ₹40. The couple set up a manufacturing unit near their home. They source the leaf sheaths mainly from Kasaragod and occasionally from Karnataka. While procuring them, they prefer high-quality sheaths.

One of the major challenges for the couple is the availability of arecanut leaf sheaths throughout the year. As they are seasonal, they are available only for six months. So, the couple has to keep the stock for the remaining months.

Papla has introduced wedding invites printed on arecanut leaf sheaths. It also makes badges for events. With its innovative products, Papla is clocking revenue of around ₹2 lakhs per month.

The couple aims to expand their business into handicrafts and enter the international market. They want to use a variety of raw materials like banana fibres, coconut shells etc., to make various products.

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