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Cool PPE kits for frontline warriors

Cool PPE kits for frontline warriors

Wearing PPE kits is essential for healthcare workers now due to COVID-19. But, wearing a PPE kit for a long time is not an easy thing as it is hot and humid. Despite the trouble with PPE suits, healthcare workers are wearing them for several hours due to the pandemic.

To solve their problems, an engineering student designed a cool PPE kit. Nihaal Singh Adarsh from Mumbai invented a ventilation system, Cov-Tech, to keep the PPE suit cool.

The system filters the surrounding air and pushes it into the PPE suit. Thus, it provides fresh air to the users and keeps them cool.

Nihaal is a student of K.J. Somaiya College of Engineering. Nihaal’s Cov-Tech ventilation system provides a constant airflow inside the PPE suit.

Nihaal’s mother, Dr Poonam Kaur Adarsh is a doctor. He saw her troubles with the PPE suit. She runs a clinic in Pune. She used to describe the difficulties with the PPE kit. Hence, he wanted to do something for her. At that time, a design challenge was open for COVID-related equipment.

Nihaal participated in that challenge. He developed a prototype in 20 days with the guidance of Dr Ulhas Kharul. Dr Ulhas has a startup that studies a membrane to filter the air to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. Observing this, Nihaal found the correct type of filter to use in the PPE kit to improve the quality of airflow.

He worked on improving his prototype for around six months. His initial prototype was like a pillow-like structure to be worn around the neck. When Nihaal gave it to a doctor to test the prototype, he said that it would be a discomfort to wear the device around the neck due to its continuous sound and vibrations.

Considering the feedback, Nihaal changed the design of the prototype. He developed 20 prototypes. At last, a prototype was finalized. It can be worn around the waist like a belt and can be attached to PPE suits. It provides ventilation to healthcare workers within PPE suits and protects them from fungal infections. The system has a lithium-ion battery that lasts for 6 to 8 hours. The device costs ₹5,499 per piece. Now many doctors in Pune are using it.

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