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Caravan with kitchen, bed and toilet

Caravan with kitchen, bed and toilet

Normally, slum houses do not have enough space. They do not even have a toilet. In order to improve these small spaces to live comfortably, this Chennai man designed a caravan.

23-year-old NG Arun Prabhu finished graduation in architecture. He researched on slum housing in Chennai and Mumbai and identified a need to improve the design with bedrooms, toilets etc.

After finishing his graduation, he started creating awareness on better utilization of space and inexpensive housing.

He built a portable house of 36 sq.ft. on an auto-rickshaw by spending ₹1 lakh.

The house is called SOLO.O1 which serves the needs of two adults. Arun was born in Namakkal, Tamil Nadu. The area is famous for poultry firms and lorry body building industries.

He chose the auto-rickshaw to build his portable home as he feels it is a practical design to accommodate a solo individual. Its structure serves dual functionality including a residence and commercial space.

The caravan is designed with three levels, a kitchen, toilet, bathtub, foyer and living area on the first level. Workspace and sleeping space are on the mezzanine level at 3.5 ft height. A lounge space with shade, a water tank of 250 litres and a solar panel of 600W are on the terrace.

The weight is equally distributed on all levels so that the structure won’t be unbalanced.

Arun constructed the entire housing with scrap materials including metal scrap, old bus bodies and demolished structures and it took five months for him to complete the design.

The structure is properly ventilated and attached to the auto-rickshaw or on top of any vehicle with just six bolts and strong supportive stands. These screws can be removed easily if needed.

It can provide temporary housing to construction laborers and people during natural calamities.

Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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